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When coming to The Gambia on a holiday leads to a new school!

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

A few years ago a Spanish lady came to The Gambia and on to Janjanbureh. There she met a resident who was later to become her husband. She so wanted to help the community that on returning to her home she developed plans to build a new nursery on the island.

It has taken a lot of planning, both in Spain and The Gambia, a huge amount of organsing, lots of fundraising, involving many people in her home community but now it is under way!

A group of Spanish people are right now in Janajnbureh preparing the land. Just Act Gambia were glad to support in a small way in the beginning by paying for land registration but now many members of JUST ACT are supporting in very practical ways on the ground.

Read about their progress and commitment

to make this a possibility in creating -

This NGO organsiation is called Jambakasala.

(Jambakasala is a traditional medicine used by many women during pregnancy in The Gambia)

See here how dedication and commitment on the part of so many has lead to the stage of right now, preparing this land.

It began back in December 2016 with a small meeting with Ester and few friends, some of whom had travelled with her to The Gambia.

Meetings were provided in her home community of Terrassa, Barcelona

raising awareness of their plans

It involved much fundraising and visits back to The Gambia

October 2017

A visit in December 2017 through to January 2018

Kekutah meeting with the Central River Region Education Director

with planned MOU

Sharing with the community

Reporting on the visit back in Spain

Raising funds by offering

Tattoos of the Jambakasala logo and workshops demonstrating (and consuming!) local Gambian drinks

Visiting Spanish children and disussing ideas

Six make a visit in August 2018

JUST ACT members with the Spanish contingent

"Finally Finally!!!Jambakasala and Ministry of Basic Education, through its regional directorate under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ousman Bah has reach a bilateral agreement and signing a MOU for the construction of an Early Childhood Education in Janjanbureh"

Omar Jammeh

"JUSTACT welcome Jambakasala (Our partners from Spain) to Janjanbureh. We held our first meeting as we endeavor to contribute to the socio-economic and educational development of Janjanbureh. The two organisation signed MOU and plans already laid down to build a school in Janjanbureh and the project will kick start in due course. Over the years JUSTACT had initiated community based projects, namely fencing of women gardens, bee keeping, climate change, Tourism, culture, sports, youth empowerment, advocacy etc.. And education is core in JUSTACT goals.

The Friday meeting opens another historic feat for JUSTACT and it was attended by the Chairperson of JUSTACT, Director of JUSTACT and other members with 6 Jambakasala members from Spain."

Justice MK Saidykhan

Over 500 people attend a fundraiser in September

ready for the next vital stage of developments

A visit to actually get started on the land preparation

October 2018

Sending them off at the airport 6th October

Greetings in Janjanbureh

Sharing developments with the cummunity​

And finally!

Everyone ready to start preparing the land!

Jambakasala! You are to be congratulated on reaching this stage through sheer hard work, determnation and dedication along with the support of your community in Spain.

You have worked constantly with the right authorities involving the Education Authority and the Village Development Committee JUST ACT, we are proud of the interection and practical support you have provided throughout

You are all offering an amazing opportunity to many children currently without easy access to an Early Years education.

#Jambakasala #EarlyYearsEducation #Education

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