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Janjanbureh's Sustainable Tourism Promoted in America with excellent radio interview

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Back in June I spotted the following request on The Gambia Tourism Forum

Hello All

I'm Nicole Hagans host of a radio talk show called Desperately Seeking Travel Show. I chose Gambia for a segment where I spotlight countries around the world. On the month long series about Gambia I would like to speak to people that chose Gambia to be their permanent home because they loved it so much after a visit. If you would like to be interviewed on this subject please send me a private message. Thanks in advance

Whilst Just Act Gambia did not quite answer the criteria I responded. Having looked at our website and facebook, Niclole made a hectic day visit on July 16th where JUST ACT made sure she sampled the special joys of Janjanbureh.

It has also resulted in this wonderful interview with JUST ACT Communication and Program Officer Justice MK Saidykhan/ Muhammed L Saidykhan.

'The entire experience of Janjanbureh was such a great experience. I felt I got a true feel of Gambian culture with this visit. Thank you so much for the referral and I will always be a champion for this cause​.'

Justice, we are so proud of how you represented JUST ACT with great detail about so many aspects of life in Janjanbureh and why people should visit. Go to this link

and scroll along to 27 mins where you will pick up the start of the interview.

The numerous topics covered are:

27 mins: Sustainable Tourism Social Media Coordinator, JUST ACT

30 mins: Community Based Tourism with the five Active Youths building developments in Satellite villages

31 mins: Kankurang FestivalFestival

32 mins: Fighting against youth’s rural urban drift and irregular migration through:-

Capacity building

Event management team

Hospitality training

34 mins: Taka Titii

35 mins: The history of the island including

37 mins: Slave aspect

How it was a vibrant commercial town of great importance as biggest groundnut centre

need to revitalise promote commercialism, tourism

39 mins: Armitage School

Methodist church

Navigation of river

40 mins: wooden house, forts, Freedom tree

41.35 Slave house research, built 1907 - slavery abolished 1807

43.43 mins: Taka Titi

44 mins: Justice’s involvement with association

social media

American visitors 46 mins: donations

53 min:Nicole's summary and enjoyment of her visit and wish to promote.

Just excellent presentation Justice and let us hope it results in many more Amercans making this journey. It should particularly appeal to the diaspora there who wish to learn more about their roots and culture. JUST ACT can provide them with a unique experience.

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