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Community Based Tourism – Creating opportunities for young people’s future in The Gambia

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Delighted to read this blog from Nature Friends International's Tourism Log about Isatou Foon a member of JUST ACT.

We are very proud of you Isatou and that you are leading the way.

Scroll down for English version.

"I am Isatou Foon, 23 years old and I was raised in the town of Janjanbureh, in the central river region in The Gambia. I have a diploma in computing and a certificate in communication skills. I am the female representative of our regional youth committee and a feminist.....I have become a CBT trainer because I am active in youth work and I love working with communities – being a tour guide also contributed a lot. As a trainer, I help to educate the communities on the importance, effects and benefits of tourism"

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