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JAunTie Designs launched

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A few weeks ago I wandered in to a charity shop and saw men's ties being put out on display. I then had a moment of inspiration.... I could use them to make garments and items. to raise funds. They know me well and as I discussed what could be done with them I selected about 20 and they gave me a very good price, knowing it would go to support JAG and JUST ACT.

Having played around with them back home, I then asked for further donations and a neighbour gave me a quantity too and then I appealed for more.

My first garment has finally been completed. It took many hours working out how to construct it and learning the problems of coping with material which is cut on the bias and therefore distorts easily but here it is It by no means perfect but I have learnt much along the way.

I have made a lined and slightly quilted jacket to learn how to go through the process and have discovered much on the way! I also know how to improve from this garment. I have received several ties from various sources and asking in charity shops where they often 'rag them'. I do have a quantity but this jacket took 17 ties and getting such a combination of suitable colours and using only either silk or polyester means I need a large any more would be highly welcome.

These are to be called JAunTie Designs.....(you can play around with its meaning and pronunciation) all the money going to the charity (JAG) to support JUST ACT.(JA)

I have started with a garment which uses mainly the full length of ties but any left overs will eventually go in to other items....I am sure I will be inspired. Please pass comment below.

Jane Smith

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