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The Second Kankurang Festival 18-20th 2019 Leaflet

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

If you are a resident or tourist and in the country 18-20th January 2019 why not make your way up river to Janjanbureh for the Second Kankurang Festival!

Non residents /visitors are asked to make a donation

for the whole three day event (excluding tours or workshops on Sunday as priced in programme below) for a minimum of 10 Dollars, approx £8 - £10. British Pounds, Euros, Dollars or Dalasi are all acceptable. (Note! There are no banks in below Janajnbureh.

Bring sufficient cash for your stay) A band will allow you access to the various masquerade parades

and Jaliba Kuyateh concert.

To aid you reading the accompanying leaflet, it is summarised here:

Supported by NCAC to

  • interpret and preserve national heritage sites

  • coordinate the development of creative and performing arts

  • documenting the history and oral traditions of The Gambia

  • utilising existing cultural diversity as a source of strength

  • galvanise our people towards a common understanding and mutual respect of each others values and traditions

  • "safeguard the development of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage is promoting development”

Supported by Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) with support from EU and International trade Centre (ITC)

  • to strengthen existing socio-economic and cultural arts in Janjanbureh and the surrounding communities

  • to support youth employment

The history of the Kankurang can be followed here

The programme

Accommodation :


Kebba Sillah: Head of Hospitality +220 3251112

For all other enquiries including arrangement of transport


Omar Jammeh: President of Kankurang Festival +220 2222446

Momodou Saidykhan (Justice) :Marketing and Publicity +220 3646208

For developments follow on Facebook


Explore the site for information in general about Janjanbureh.

Whilst none of this is the work of the charity Just Act Gambia, many of the youths involved are members of JUST ACT and this festival relates very closely to some of our MAIN AIMS

  • To enable community-led development

  • To enable Janjanbureh and surrounding areas to develop responsible, sustainable pro-poor tourism for the benefit of the community whilst respecting the local culture, traditions and the natural environment

  • To enable rural regeneration so the school population of today is assured of a prospering town sufficient to reduce rural /urban/ irregal migration

The role of the charity is now to support through promotion.

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