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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Janjanbureh Tour Guides is the name which Just Act Tour Guides took on and they are part of the following:

Go Experience The Gambia Online Challenge

New Year, New Experiences! Results coming shortly!

Still time to VOTE!!!

Follow this link to cast your vote!!!! The International Trade Centre in The Gambia through its Creative and Tourism Industry brings you an Online Challenge that takes you on a journey to experience the smiling coast of West Africa in 8 different ways. The Online Challenge for the Creative & Tourism Industry is marked to showcase interesting and well-pitched products that can be experienced in The Gambia. Here is a brief on the 8 business; 1. Falu Tours: A captivating tour through the river Gambia. 2. Hypolink: To unlock the knowledge behind natural products and herbal medicine to reap its benefits. 3. Sunset Beach Hotel: An enriched wellness package - just the experience to fully unwind on the coast. 4. Paradise Suites Hotel: Sunday - Funday your brunch experience. 5. Janjanbureh Tour Guide Association: An experiential culture, history and community engagement tour that is designed as the roots of tourism that explores authentic experiences unique to the Janjanbureh destination. 6. Janko Creation: Locally designed shirts made out of batik and tie & dye that promotes our culture and heritage. 7. Bushwhacker Tours: A Serene Eco lodge experience in South Gambia filled with crocodiles farm tours, artisanal fishing and craft making from recycled goods. 8. Senegambia Experience Tours: A day to experience in South Gambia Tanji beach tied to a colourful dinner. Vote to let us know which business gives you the best Gambia experience and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes too!


You can see how they have developed over the years from the initial training in 2010-14 raising funds ` variety of ways, including creating local photobooks and calendars about my home town of Malvern back in 2012 to their very thorough training beginning Nov 2017 as shown here

They are obviously meeting great difficulties this season with few tourist able to travel but they are still able to offer their unique experiences to fellow Gambians and those who live permanently in The Gambia but mainly experience the coastal life.

They deserve recognition for the excellence, persistence and determination.

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