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Want to see the hippos? There's so much more! Extend your stay.....

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Jalamang Danso
Jalamang Danso

Taken from Jalamang Danso's report, a professionally trained Local Tour Guide and Trainer of Trainers

Janjanbureh is so much more than the river island you arrive at to stay one night so you can take that river trip to see the hippos.

Image courtesy of Michael Lyons

Yes! That is so exciting for everyone but there is so much more and this has been recognised by the EU and over the past two years they have funded developing the island as the centre for Sustainable Tourism and Community Based Tourism, increasing income earning opportunities for youths with income going back into the communities. Read about its development here.

"Janjanbureh is a destination where tourists can

  • interact with local people,

  • learn local traditions,

  • how liberated slaves were settled in the island

  • have a campfire at night with the famous Taka Titi, the man with three drums,

  • singing,

  • story telling

  • more past history within Janjanbureh and its surroundings,

  • the kings and how they ruled their districts.

An island that has four names in the history books -


McCarthy Island

If you want to know more about Janjanbureh,

make a trip and meet the local trained tour guides.

They will give you the best experience for your holiday

Contact: Janjanbureh Tour Guide Association : Chairperson, Isatou Foon:+220 09191297

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