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Bee Keeping

Our Aim:
  • to reverse decline in bee population
  • to increase pollination of crops and thus food production
  • to provide training and income earning opportunities for locals
    • to produce honey and wax  products for locals and tourists
  • to provide source of interest and workshops to tourists
  • for the project to become self funding after initial support
How it began
  • US Peace Corps volunteer Jeffrey Malcom introduced training during 2014/15

  • Sol Puye continued further training supported by JAG

  • further training at a bee centre in Sami Karantaba

  • several Just Act members involved

  • catcher boxes and hives constructed

  • hives placed in local gardens

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This is an ongoing project being run by Just Act
  • Sol Puye anxious to work with others and pass on his knowledge and training

  • first wax products produced, honey wax soap February 2016

  • 4 sited hives

  • catcher boxes

  • two protection suits

What we have
Where we want to be

Support is still appreciated

  • a further 14 hives sited at a local garden and at our plantation

  • fund trainer to train 2 males/ 2 females

  • produce honey and wax products for locals and tourists

  • trainer and trainees to receive 20% of profit, remainder to fund further expansion and eventual independence

  • offer tours for visitors




Fund building a hive             £10   (we aim for 14) 

Fund trainer  monthly  @     £25

Fund 4 trainees monthly @  £8

therefore                                 £32

Donations ot items
  • bee keeper protective wear

  • books on beekeeping

  • if you are a beekeeper we would welcome your knowledge and support

    • for a short or extended stay


That Sol Puye shall be paid  a monthly salary at 1500GMD per month to train 2 male and 2 female young people in beekeeping.

  • bee handling

  • maintaining bee health

  • operating bee equipment

  • making beehives

  • catcher boxes

  • production of honey

  • bye products

  • soap

  • balms

  • wax products

  • marketing the products

He will commit  3/4 days per week dependent upon demands of the season



Trainees will be paid 500GMD per month

They will commit similar days per week to train with Sol Puye but will be expected to carry out additional activities in his absence

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