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Representing the actions of recognised UK Charity



Representing the Gambian organisation (JA) registered with the National Youth Council

(NYC) and the Attorney General's Chambers under charity status

This site will become inactive but still viewable in early April 2024
For detailed information about everything Janjanbureh  please see

Just Act Gambia (JAG) is a UK recognised charity founded in 2009 to support income-earning opportunities for youths in Janjanbureh, CRR, The Gambia, in particular, developing Sustainable Tourism


JUST ACT grew from the charity and the whole aim is for it to become independent. Through its registration with NYC it is benefiting from EU funding, developing Community Based Tourism, Janjanbureh is being developed as an alternative destination for Sustainable Tourism. It is increasingly attracting grants/funding from a variety of sources focusing on providing income earning opportunities for youths in a range of projects.
JAG continues to support them in some projects but now more by promotion and this website is designed to report on the progress and also provide a source of reference for the area.  We, the charity,  do not claim to be involved in many of the developments.

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